About Hereditary Cancer Support

Hereditary Cancer Support is a network of genetic counselors who assist individuals that may be candidates for genetic testing and provide support and guidance throughout the genetic testing process.

Our team of patient care coordinators work with you to learn your hereditary cancer risk survey results, then connect you to experienced doctors and genetic counselors who can provide trusted guidance that may help with prevention and follow-up treatment overseen by your physician.

Factors for Considering Genetic Testing

  • Multiple family members with cancer on the same side of the family
  • Cancer that occurs at an earlier age than usual (under age 50)
  • Cancer that occurs in pairs of organs, such as both kidneys or breasts
  • More than one type of cancer occurring in an individual (ex: a woman with both breast and ovarian cancers
  • Family member(s) with an unusual cancer, such as male breast cancer


KNOW YOUR CANCER RISK                                              LEARN ABOUT GENETIC TESTING

“Both my mother and aunt had breast cancer—I had a feeling it wasn’t just a coincidence. When the results from my Hereditary Cancer Survey revealed that I might be at risk for hereditary cancer, the nurse on the phone guided me through the next steps for genetic testing. I’m so glad I did. I, too, have the gene mutation and have been working with my doctor to decrease my risk.”
–Brenda Carlson