Salt Lake City, UT

Janice Rinsky, GC

Janice Rinsky, GC
Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counseling
30 years

Janice received her master’s degree in genetic counseling from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health in 1988. After 3 years in New York City, seeing patients in both a prenatal and pediatric setting, she moved to Colorado where she spent the next 16 years working in both prenatal and public health settings. In 2007, she moved to Salt Lake City to take a position with the University of Utah Medical Center, where she was a genetic counselor in the Maternal Fetal Diagnostic center, as well as faculty for the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program, where she taught the Prenatal Genetics Class and was an intern supervisor. After 6 years, Janice left to join Myriad Genetic Laboratories, where she was a genetic counselor for a lab that specializes in Hereditary Cancer testing. She then spent two years working for Lineagen, a genetic laboratory that focuses on testing for neurodevelopmental disorders. She has also been a genetic counseling consultant, specializing in hereditary cancer, pharmacogenetics, as well as general genetics. In her spare time, Janice enjoys outdoor recreational activities like skiing, climbing, biking and camping.

“For some people, genetic testing and getting the results create stress, confusion, or anxiety. It is important that people have a place to get answers, as well as being able to talk about their concerns. My goal is to help people get educated and feel comfortable about genetic testing, so they can make informed decisions regarding whether they want the test, as well as understand how their results may affect their risk of disease.”