What are your genes hiding?

Take a short quiz to find out if your genes could be hiding a dangerous secret.

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“I’ve seen too many patients who had no idea they were at a higher risk. When it comes to beating cancer, early awareness is the key to making a difference. Cancers caught in Stage 1 have more than an 80 percent survival rate.”

– Jonathan Weinstein, MD, OBGYN

What will your results show?

Our risk assessment is based on clinical guidelines doctors use to determine if genetic testing makes sense for you.

After completing the quiz, we’ll tell you whether your personal and family history suggests you may be AT RISK or NOT AT RISK. If your quiz results show that you may be AT RISK, you may benefit from genetic testing for hereditary cancer.


A high risk for hereditary cancers like breast, ovarian or colon cancer means that you should consider genetic testing. 

Knowing whether or not you have a specific gene mutation could help you take proactive steps to protect your health.


You don’t appear to be at risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome.

Continue routine preventative measures and consult with your doctor if your situation changes.

If the quiz suggests you’re at risk, you can talk to one of our nurse coordinators

Our nurses are available by phone to help you understand the testing process.
They will:

•  Confirm your quiz answers

•  Answer your questions

• Discuss next steps